LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump


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LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

Overview Package size per unit product 70.00cm * 36.00cm * 43.00cm Gross weight per unit product 50.000kg Product Descri

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Basic Info
Model NO. LG-10
Structure Screw
Exhauster Method Entrapment Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Degree High Vacuum
Work Function Mainsuction Pump
Working Conditions Dry
Noise 75 dB
Power 0.75kw
Pump Head Weight 30kg
Ultimate Vacuum Less Than 0.001 Mbar
Pumping Speed (M3/H) 10
Transport Package Metal Plattet/Standard Package
Specification length*width*height(mm)655x260x285
Trademark KN
Origin Jinan China
HS Code 8414100090
Production Capacity 50000
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 70.00cm * 36.00cm * 43.00cm Gross weight per unit product 50.000kg
Product Description

The dry screw vacuum pump is a rotor that uses a pair of parallel screws to make synchronous, high-speed and reverse rotation in the pump housing. The rotor and the inner wall of the pump body form a number of sealing spaces. During the rotation, the continuous transmission of gas is formed to achieve the purpose of suction and exhaust.The screw vacuum pump has a simple structure, but its processing technology requires higher requirements. It must ensure that the height between rotors is parallel, and that between rotors and between rotors and the inner wall of the pump body, there is a very small gap and no friction caused by contact, so as to ensure the realization of gas transmission and reduce gas backflow without the need for oil lubrication and sealing.

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

This requires that the entire product must be the highest standard from material selection to processing. Because the clearance between components is required to be very small, it is necessary to ensure that the screw and pump body materials are not easy to deform, especially when the temperature changes to a certain value, the locking phenomenon cannot occur due to deformation. Special material treatment shall be selected to ensure the fine processing of all parts. In addition to the fine processing of the two screws, dynamic balance correction shall be carried out. The shaft end bearing must be a high-quality special bearing, which not only ensures the parallelism of the screw rotor and is not prone to slight displacement, but also ensures smooth rotation and is not affected by temperature and other factors. When the vacuum pump is working, the clearance between them is small without friction, the operation is stable, the vibration is small, the noise is low, the energy is saved, and the service life is extended. The special screw structure can continuously promote the air flow without compression. The exhaust port is lower than the screw position, the liquid discharge capacity is strong, and it is easy to clean. The pump cavity has short channels, no partitions, and the exhaust and discharge are smooth, so the working efficiency is high, the suction is super strong, and the limit vacuum degree of the pump is greatly improved, It can provide high vacuum ≤ 5Pa or even close to 1Pa; There is no lubrication and pollution in the working chamber, which can provide a clean vacuum without worrying about backflow pollution. Extracts can also be directly recycled or discharged without environmental pressure. Elaborate design, simple structure and precise processing make it more convenient to use and easier to maintain, which is favored by many industry users. It is widely used, not only to extract condensable gas, but also to extract gas containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. The specially treated overflow surface can also be used to extract certain corrosive gas, and it is also a special product for oil and gas recovery, solvent recovery, special gas recovery and other industries.
2.Advantages and disadvantages of dry screw vacuum pump
I. Clean and environment-friendly, the working chamber is free of lubricating oil, which is conducive to medium recovery, can obtain clean vacuum, no oil consumption, waste water discharge, and no pollution to the environment.
II.The vacuum degree is high, the limit vacuum degree is ≤ 1Pa, and the pumping capacity in the high vacuum area is large. III.The anti-corrosion design is optional. The flow passage parts are made of titanium, stainless steel, nano ceramics, spraying NIP alloy and other materials and anti-corrosion coatings.
IV.The condensable gas and a small amount of dust gas can be removed, and an automatic purging device is designed.
v.Special shaft seal design prevents mutual pollution between pumped medium and lubricating oil. vi.Variable pitch screw pump saves energy and has low noise.
vii.The operation is stable, the rotor is subject to fine dynamic balance test, and the operation vibration is small. viii.High configuration, sealed in Germany, Internationally renowned brand of bearing position, gear grade 5 grinding.
i.Due to the difficulty in processing the screw pump, the screw pump used in China mainly depends on imports, and the price is very expensive.
ii.It is not suitable for pumping out explosive gas.
iii.It is not suitable for pumping gas with too high oxygen content.

LG-10 Screw pump has high efficiency, high vacuum and high cleanliness, and has attracted much attention from users. It is a small vacuum pump that cools down in the form of air cooling.

There is no medium in the working chamber, which can obtain a clean vacuum.
. No clearance between rotating parts, high speed operation, small overall volume.
There is no compression in the gas, suitable for extraction of coagulable gas.
Can remove a lot of steam and a small amount of dust gas occasions.
. High vacuum, the ultimate vacuum up to 1 Pa.
Screw material is high strength special material, material density, wear resistance, stable performance.
No friction rotating parts, low noise.
. Simple structure, convenient maintenance.
Wider range of use: corrosive environment can be used.
No oil consumption, no water.
Pump gas directly discharged from the pump body, no pollution of water, no environmental pressure, more convenient gas recovery.
It can be composed of oil-free unit with Roots pump and molecular pump.

Typical Use

Screw vacuum pump can be configured according to user requirements, or it can use explosion-proof motor with high configuration. Because of its low noise, no oil and no pollution, clean and high vacuum, simple and convenient use, operation and maintenance, it is widely used in oil and gas recovery, vacuum coating, biomedicine, food processing, single crystal furnace, vacuum molding, vacuum smelting, electronic photovoltaic, semiconductor synthesis and many other industries. It can be used as a single pump or as a unit with other pumps.

------Oil and gas recovery. ------Biological medicine ------Food Processing ------ Single crystal furnace
------Vacuum forming ------Vacuum flame refining ------Electronic photovoltaic. ------Semiconductor synthesis

Product Parameters

Air cooling Dry screw vacuum pump
Type(Air cooled series) Basic parameters
Pumping speed
Presure limit(Pa) Power (kW) revolution (rpm)Inlet caliber
outlet caliber (mm)Pump head weight
noise dB(A)Overall dimension(length*width*height)
LG-1010≤50.752730KF16KF1630≤ 72655x260x285

Characteristic Curve

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

Air cooling Dry screw vacuum pump

Detailed Photos

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

LG-10 Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency Screw Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are used in oiling machines

General Manager Speech

Deeply cultivate the vacuum technology, and research,develop and manufacture the vacuum equipment to provide the best solution in the vacuum field and make the vacuum application easier.

Company Profile

Shandong Kaien Vacuum Technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and operation of vacuum equipment. The company has strong technical force, excellent equipment and considerate after-sales service. The product manufacturing process is managed in strict accordance with IS09001 quality system. It mainly produces and sells screw vacuum pump, roots pump, claw vacuum pump, runoff vacuum pump, scroll pump, water ring vacuum pump, vacuum unit and other vacuum systems.

New plant planning

The company's products have been for a number of food, medicine, refrigeration, drying plants and a number of transformer related equipment manufacturers for vacuum equipment. The products are widely used in vacuum drying and dehydration, kerosene vapor phase drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum coating, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, oil and gas recovery, etc.

High precision machining equipment

The company cooperates with many scientific research institutions and universities, such as Shandong University, China University of petroleum, Shandong Institute of mechanical design, etc.with colleges and universities to research and develop core technologies, and owns dozens of independent intellectual property patents.Our technology is leading, the product quality is stable, the product has a good reputation in China's domestic market, is sold all over the country, and is exported to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia,We adhering to the basic tenet of quality, reputation and service, the company takes leading-edge technology of vacuum pump as its own responsibility, and wholeheartedly serves customers of vacuum equipment application in various industries with rigorous working attitude and professional working style.

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