Laboratory Economical Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer


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Laboratory Economical Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Laboratory Economical Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Laboratory Economical Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer N series freeze-drying machine is compact, with large-scale f

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Basic Info
Model NO. WL-10N
Type Small
Model Wl-10n
Name of Commodity Freeze Dryer
Temp Display LCD Screen
Vacuum Display LCD Screen
Condensing Temperature <-56 Degrees Celsius
No-Load Vacuum Degree <5PA
Freeze Area 0.076 Square Metre
Ability to Capture Water 3kg/24h
Sample Tray Size 180mm Diameter
Quantity of Tray 3PCS
Eggplant Shaped Bottle 0PCS
Power 950W
Material Stainless Steel
Customized Customized
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Transport Package Plywood Box
Specification 590(L)x460(W)x400 (H) +440
Trademark WollenLab
Origin China
HS Code 8419399090
Production Capacity 300sets/Month
Product Description
Laboratory Economical Drying Equipment Vacuum Freeze Dryer

N series freeze-drying machine is compact, with large-scale freeze dryer flexibility, less space, can handle more flexible samples, cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations:Common Type: suitable for bulk materials, liquid and solid dry.Gland Type: suitable for Schering bottled material drying, can achieve sample vacuum pressure package. Contains the function of common type.Ordinary Multi-manifold Type: suitable for a variety of different materials, small freeze-dried, and can be linked to freeze-dried bottles, eggplant bottles, jars.Gland Multi-manifold Type: Contains the function of ordinary multi-manifold type, can achieve the sample vacuum pressure package, to meet the vast majority of the laboratory technical requirements.T-frame: for fungal ampoule tube package.

Main Feature:
  1. The machine uses international brands Danfoss compressor refrigeration, refrigeration quickly, cold trap temperature is low.
  2. 7-inch true color touch LCD screen control system, easy to operate, and powerful.
  3. Industrial embedded operating system, ARM9 core control circuit design, 32M memory 128M FLASH, the operation response speed, large amount of stored data.
  4. The control system automatically saves the freeze-dried data, and can be real-time curve and historical curve in the form of view, the entire freeze-drying process clear.
  5. Drying room with a colorless transparent injection molding polycarbonate drying trap, corrosion-resistant, non-friable, non-adhesive, high transparency, strong sealing, the sample is clear and intuitive, can observe the freeze-drying of the whole product.
  6. Vacuum pump and host connection using international standard KF quick connector, simple and reliable.
  7. The machine can store multiple freeze-drying curve, and use U disk to extract data to the computer, with the host computer software in the computer to browse print and a variety of options.
  8. Equipped with inflatable valve, can be filled with dry inert gas.

Optional Functions:* Eutectic point test function, master the material better sublimation temperature;* Vacuum control function to maximize heat transfer;* Double-stack refrigeration system, mature technology, low temperature, for -80 ºC freeze dryer;* Wide mouth manifold freeze-dried bottle configuration, easy to install the material, with the import standard freeze-dried bottle valve supporting the connection. Standard 6 tubes;* Optional power defrost function, speed up the defrost speed, shorten the drying cycle;* Optional multi-brand imported vacuum pump.
Model WL-10N
Type Ordinary Top press Ordinary multi-piplineTop-press multi-pipeline
Dryer area (M2)0.1250.0760.1250.076
Ability to capture water (kg/batch)3
Schering bottle quantity φ12mm920560920560
Eggplant shape bottle0088
Plate load capacity (L)3
Plate size (mm)φ200φ180φ200φ180
Plate distance (mm)70
Plate size(pc)4343
Cold chmaber size (mm)φ250×150
Cold trap the lowest temperature (ºC)≤-56(no load)
Ultimate vacuum (Pa)≤5(no load)
Power (Kw) 0.95
Powe supply220V 50Hz/110V 50Hz
Amibient temperature (ºC)≤25
Overall dimension (mm)590(L)x460(W)x400 (H) +440
Weight (kg)55615763
Special noteThe device size and weight not included in the external vacuum pump Top press model height not included in manual gland handle (The handle height 701mm)

Introduction of Lyophilization:Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase.The advantages of lyophilization include:
  1. Low temperature drying could maintain microbial activity and make sure protein invariance. So it is particularly suitable for bioactive products of thermal instability, biochemical products, genetic engineering products, blood products, etc.
  2. Low temperature drying greatly reduces the loss of volatile components,heat-denatured nutrients and aromatic components in material. Therefore that's best drying method for chemicals, medicines and foods.
  3. During the drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes are almost impossible, and the physical properties are best maintained.
  4. The sealed material after drying is convenient to store long time at room temperature.
  5. Rapid and easy dissolution of reconstituted product.
The combination of low pressure and low temperature induces a phase change called sublimation, which turns a solid state of material (like an ice crystal) immediately into a gaseous state (like water vapor). That sublimated water vapor is pulled by the vacuum into a colder condensation unit. What's left is a freeze-dried flower, herbs, vagetables, fruit and medicines that retains its taste, color, and shape.