Lyopro-16 Phamacy Freeze Dryer Herbs Lyophilizer Organic Vacuum Dryer


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Lyopro-16 Phamacy Freeze Dryer Herbs Lyophilizer Organic Vacuum Dryer

Lyopro-16 Phamacy Freeze Dryer Herbs Lyophilizer Organic Vacuum Dryer

Freeze Dry Technology Freeze drying is the drying of frozen products in a vacuum below the triple point. The vacuum allo

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Basic Info
Customized Customized
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Whole Life Techinical Service
Power 91.5
Shelf Temperature Range -55~80
Condenser Temperature Range -75
Capacity 260L
Transport Package Seaworthy and Land Transportation Packing.
Specification lyopro-16
Trademark Lyomac
Origin Shanghai
HS Code 8419399090
Production Capacity 1set /Quarter
Product Description
Freeze Dry Technology
Freeze drying is the drying of frozen products in a vacuum below the triple point. The vacuum allows for a sublimation process facilitating the direct conversion of ice into vapor without any intermediate liquid stage. This results in an extremely gentle drying process preserving the product's active ingredient. Widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.


Industrial Scale Freeze Dryer

The Pilot model freeze dryer with drying capacity up to 1000 liters, Cover most demand for vial or other material commercial production, compliance with the regulation. More optional systems available, Main feature are:1. Automatic shelf stoppering under vacuum2. Automatic control for freeze-drying,SIP, and CIP

3. Scada control system compliance with regulation and save up to thousand recipes4. Shelf flatness less than1.0mm, temperature uniformity less than 1C.

5Either for tray loading bulk material or vial production.6. Drying capacity 200~1000 Liters7. GMP and FDA compliance.

Specification List
Ice Capacity(L)200260320400500
Shelf Area (m2)9.7212.9615.8419.8024.75
Vial Loading Qty φ1640000560006800080000100000
Vial Loading Qty φ222000028000340004000050000
Shelf distance(mm)10001000100100100
Shelf Temperature(ºC)-55-55-55-55-55
Condenser Temperature(ºC)-75-75-75-75-75
Install Power(KW)6377.591.5120135
Ice Capacity(L)6008001000
Shelf Area (m2)
Vial Loading Qty φ16120000175000200000
Vial Loading Qty φ22600008500010000
Shelf distance(mm)100100100
Shelf Temperature(ºC)-55-55-55
Condenser Temperature(ºC)-75-75-75
Install Power(KW)147179215

Feature1.Shelf temperature range from -55 °C~80 °C, and is regulatable for process optimization or development before industrial production.2.Vacuum can be regulatable, by inject clean air , or chamber isolation valve operation, this can accelerate drying process.3.Vial rubber cap closing under vacuum by hydraulic stoppering mechanism.Fully stainless steel fabrication, easily clean.4.Both vial and trays can be loaded.5.All critical system backup design to avoid cycle collapse during process.Optional Choice1.CIP(cleaning in place) and SIP(Sterilization in place) system.2. Computer-based SCADA system, all data can be recorded by table or curve type, easily print out for preservation.3.Vial stoppering system.4.Sub Door fit with auto-loading system

How to choose the freeze dryer

Lyopro-16 Phamacy Freeze Dryer Herbs Lyophilizer Organic Vacuum Dryer


For more questions, send inquiry to us, you wil get 7x24 service!Company profileLYOMAC was founded in 2009, as a leading supplier to provide state of innovative and reliable freeze-drying solutions for biological, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industryDuring the past decade, Lyomac has built freeze drying system in more than 15 countries. Most of them compliance with local regulation,Lyomac has advanced, modern tools and facilities to fabric freeze dryer and automation systems. Which is a base to provide high reliable and precision products, we understand it increase safety for high tech material to be well processed for our users.The most value for Lyomac is whole team, with commitment of 'Best freeze drying solution for bio and pharma industry'. We are constantly develop innovative technology for customized demand.


Lyopro-16 Phamacy Freeze Dryer Herbs Lyophilizer Organic Vacuum Dryer



FAQQ: What is your MOQ?
A:1 set.
Q: How to choose suitable equipment ?
A: Tell us your URS ,then we will recommend you suitable equipment according to yourrequirements, application experience andfeedback from our clients
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A:Standard delivery time in local market is 4 monthsElectrical power with 60Hz, need extend 4 weeks moreFreeze dryer with sub door or Screw compressor need 4 weeks moreProject need document of IQ,OQ,PQ,DQ need 3 weeks moreProject with PED/ASME certification need 4 weeks moreAir shipping need 'Safety transport certification 'need 2 weeks moreQ: How to solve the equipment trouble during using ?
A: Please email us about problem with pictures or a small video will be better,we will find the problem and solve it. If broken,we will send you a new free part if in the warranty period.For more details about freeze dryer, please feel free to contact us