LPG 5 High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer/Flash Dryer/Drum Dryer/Drying Machine, Belt Dryer, Spin Flash Dryer, Vibrating Fluid-Bed Dryer


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LPG 5 High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer/Flash Dryer/Drum Dryer/Drying Machine, Belt Dryer, Spin Flash Dryer, Vibrating Fluid-Bed Dryer

LPG 5 High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer/Flash Dryer/Drum Dryer/Drying Machine, Belt Dryer, Spin Flash Dryer, Vibrating Fluid-Bed Dryer

Overview Hi, I am Joanna And now working for Jiangsu zhenxing drying equipment co.,ltdI know you are looking for good-qu

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Basic Info
Model NO. LPG
Heat Source Electricity, Steam, Coal Gas, Natural Gas, Fuel
Type Centrifugal Spray
Iniet Temperature 140-350 Automatic Control
Outet Temperature 80-90
Dried Powder Restoring Rate(%) >=95
Atomization Method Centrifugal
Fog Droplets and Hot Air Contact Method Parallel Flow
Heat Source and Heating Method Electric Heating
Dust Removal Method Two-Stage Cyclone
Product Collection Method Discharger
Transport Package Seaworth
Specification 5-5000kg
Trademark ZHENGAN
Origin Changzhou
HS Code 8419399090
Production Capacity 4 Sets/Month
Product Description

Hi, I am Joanna

And now working for Jiangsu zhenxing drying equipment co.,ltdI know you are looking for good-quality dryer equipment.

Any questions about the drying machine feel free to contact me, I would like to offer you full technical support and online video service, it will help you to know about the full drying system very well.

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Some key information

Before you buy, I would like to share some valuable information. Based on our experience serving clients, our technical team is fully capable of meeting your requirements in terms of production capacity, quality control ability, and design solutions. Our extensive customer base in the Russian market is a testament to our after-sales service capabilities from overseas.Be honest to say, our quality management system has been supporting our market share in the international market and is also one of our invisible competitive advantages.The spray dryer is a complicated drying system that is not a standard machine. Its parameters are not fixed, and most of the data have to be adjusted during the debugging process. Sometimes, the operation method has to be adjusted according to the environmental conditions. Based on this, a highly experienced engineer is very important during the debugging stage. Even if the material is the same as sodium silicate, the operating parameters may not be the exact same as the last time in a different location. Questions such as how much hot air is required, how much heat is needed, what fan model is suitable, and how to set up the control system under real environmental conditions are all related to experience.

Spray Dryer Advantage
1.Efficient drying process: our spray dryer offers an efficient and effective way to dry liquids and create powders. The drying system be designed with broom device, by atomizing the liquid into small droplets and exposing them to high temperatures, the water is quickly evaporated, leaving behind a dry powder. This process is much faster than traditional drying methods and can help increase productivity and efficiency for businesses.2.High quality powder: the spray dryer what we supplied with special Volute and hot air Distributor: The hot air volute shell of the main tower adopts an accelerated structure, which makes the hot air effectively pressurize the materials when entering the tower, and the orderly cyclone drops , to prevent the material atomized droplets from returning to the top, hot melt coking and deterioration, it can achieve consistent product quality every time. The process ensures that the liquid is dried evenly and thoroughly, resulting in a uniform powder that meets exacting specifications.3.Hygiene: the dryer designed and constructed with materials that meet drying standard, Wall dust removal system rotary purge device be installed and easy to clean to ensure hygiene.4. Safety: the dryer be equipped with safety features, Disc rupture/explosion proof systems, fire protection, and emergency shutdown systems, to ensure operator safety and prevent damage to the equipment.5. Reliability: The dryer be reliable and durable, with low maintenance requirements, and a long service life.6. Control: the control system that allows for accurate monitoring and adjustment of process parameters, for example inlet temperature, air flow rate and feed rate.7. Environmental: The dryer to be designed with consideration to environmental concerns, especially in minimizing emissions and reducing energy consumption8. After sale service: with low maintenance requirements, and a long service life. 24 hours online calling, the technical support from the local market, and the technicians will offer door to door service to help the customer to find solutions.

Product Description

LPG Series High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Centrifugal spray dryer is the most widely used drying technology in drying technology.

In the spray dryer, the liquid to be dried is sprayed in the form of mist. The minute droplets are readily evaporated and get converted into solid particles, which fall to the bottom of the chamber.The vapors are transferred into the separator where the fine dry particles which are carried along with the vapors' are separated and collected. Spray dryers are available in many forms and designs.A typical spray dryer consists of a drying chamber which is just like the cyclone separator, so as to ensure the good circulation of air to facilities heat and mass transfer and also to ensure that the dried particles are separated by the centrifugal action.It helps simple and effective drying of liquid or suspension materials. In addition, during the drying process, the user can control the temperature of the dried product, form the grain for them exactly as required for production.The device has advantages compared to conventional drying equipment: hot air is put into the dehumidifying filter to help quick drying time; Product quality is improved; continuous machine operation, complete automation, simple operation, easy maintenance, low labor costs; The device is designed to suit a wide range of products, especially temperature-sensitive materials.

Installation and Commissioning and Training:1. Buyers arrange installation and debugging by themselves under a manual book from the supplier.2. If the buyer requires engineers from the seller's party, the buyer should arrange the following items:(A)Within 30 days after the machines are delivered to the buyer's factory, the buyer shall inform the seller to arrange for engineers to the buyer's factory for installation, commissioning, testing, and training of machine operators.(B)The buyer should provide the engineers(1-2 person) the boarding and lodging, transportation during the engineer's stay in the buyer's country, and round trip air ticket and visa fee for the engineers. Besides, the buyer should pay the money as salary for one engineer per day.

You may be interested in the following information:

  • Detail of equipment, instruments. Brands.
  • Detail of the construction material.
  • Detail of automation
  • Whether or not it includes assembly.
  • Startup and guarantees.
  • Process parameters.
  • Percentage of product loss.
  • Quality parameters of the final product.
  • Recommended operating time between power line CIP ("Clean In Place").
  • Information plans for civil works, indicating necessary dimensions and levels, loads on slabs and bases, etc.
  • The layout of the installation.
  • Instruction manual for operation and maintenance.
  • List of spare parts.

Product Parameters

Material and liquid conditions

Material Name:liquid or slurry
Water evaporation:max 5 tons/h
Dry powder output:depending on the proportion of material
Liquid input amount:max 10 tons/h
Liquid temperature:20ºC (normal temperature)
Drying temperature:150ºC
Heat source:steam/ gas/LPG gas/Coal

Process conditions

Atomization method:centrifugal
Fog droplets and hot air contact method:parallel flow
Heat source and heating method:electric heating
Dust removal method:Two-stage cyclone
Product collection method:discharger

Series Product Properties

Iniet Temperature oc140-350 automatic control
Outet Temperature oc80-90
Max.Evaporation Capacity (kgh)52550150200-2000
Atomizing Methodcompressed air transmissionmechanical transmission
Revolubion (r.p.m)250001800018000 150008000-1500
Diameter of Atomizing Disc(mm)50120120150180-240
Heat Sourceelectricitysteam+electricitysteam+electricity, oil,oil fuel,hot air furnace
Max.Heatng Power (kw)9367299
Overall Dimensions ( L*W*H )m1.8*0.93*2.23*2.7*4.263.5*3.5*4.85.5*4*7Depends on actual situation
Dried Powder Restoring Rate(%)>=95

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Application Scenario

Product Presentation

Company Profile

ZHENXING was founded in 1993. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of dryers, mixers, granulators, grinders, and etc. Our company has cooperated with a number of research institutions since 2007 and we have established the largest sludge drying equipment testing center in China. All Dryer is widely applied in all kinds of industrial fields.We are certified with the ISO9001 quality management system. We follow a strict quality control procedure and we provide high-quality products with prompt after-sales services and technical supports.Our drying equipment has been exported to North America, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries.I am a trustworthy and reliable industrial dryer specialist, a leading manufacturer of drying fields based in Changzhou China. With more than 10 years of experience in designing and fabricating the dryer machine.I understand that drying technology and quality are the key to meet with the production capacity requirement, and the dryer working performance well is our aim, which is why in DRYING TECHNOLOGY I always put the needs of our clients first.



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I am focusing on providing the industrial drying system, which includes the spray dryer, flash dryer, drum dryer, vacuum harrow dryer, high-temperature rotary calcining dryer, mesh belt dryer, continuous tray dryer, pigment production line.Our related factory has extensive experience in exporting to the USA, Russia, Malaysia, India, and North America.

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To provide you with the most cost-effective drying solutions.Offer you 24hour online free technical support.Offer you full support on design, fabricate, installation service.The updated production schedule is for you in real-time.