Chemical Mixing High Pressure Glass Line Stainless Steel Mixer Reactor


Chemical Mixing High Pressure Glass Line Stainless Steel Mixer Reactor

Chemical Mixing High Pressure Glass Line Stainless Steel Mixer Reactor

Product description: SS industrial polymerization reactor stainless steel chemical reactor tank Overview of reactor Purp

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Basic Info
Model NO. 5ton 8ton 10ton
Type Tank Container
Storage Objects Solid, Liquid, Gas
Material SUS304 SUS316 Cabonate Steel
Motor One Shaft Two Shaft Gear Box
Suit Material Grease Tank, Alcohol Tank,Attive Tank
Heating Oil Heating with Coil Pipe, Water Cooling
Guarantee One Year
Delivery Time 1-2month
Payment 30% Deposit, Balance 70% Before Delivery
Transport Package Frame
Specification 1ton-20ton 50ton
Trademark tango
Origin Zhangjiagang, China
HS Code 8419899090
Production Capacity 200set/Month
Product Description
Product description:
SS industrial polymerization reactor stainless steel chemical reactor tank

Overview of reactor

Purpose and characteristics of the reactor

The reactor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and strong production capacity.

Ii. Structural points of the reactor

The reaction pot is composed of pot body, pot cover, stirrer, heating jacket, supporting and driving device, shaft sealing device, etc.

The pot body and the pot cover are connected by sealing flange, the lower part of the pot body has feeding hole, the pot has a stirrer, the pot cover open feeding, stirring observation, temperature and pressure measurement, steam extraction fractionation, safety vent and other process tube holes.

On the heating jacket of the reaction kettle, there are pipe holes for temperature measurement of oil and exhaust (steam), vent steam valve, electric bar and so on.

Due to the different production technology and operating conditions, users can contact our factory for different requirements on pot cover technology such as opening, mixing type (slurry type, anchor type, frame type, screw type, etc.), supporting type (hanging type or bearing type) and packing sealing.

The reactor is mainly used for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, germicidal storage and other production processes in medicine, chemical industry, food, natural flavoring, food additive and light industry.The reactor can be made of SUS304, SUS316L and other stainless steel materials.Agitator has anchor type, frame type, paddle type, turbine type, scraper type, combined type, rotating mechanism can adopt cycloid needle wheel reducer, can meet the special requirements of various materials.Stepless speed reducer, sealing device can use mechanical seal, heating cooling can use jacket, half pipe, coil, Miller plate and other structures, heating means of steam, electric heating, heat conduction oil, to meet the acid resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other different working environment process needs.Can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of customer process.

Description of the main structure of the reactor

The reactor is mainly composed of the inner tank, jacket, agitator and supporting seat (the thermal insulation structure can be adopted according to the technological requirements).

1. The inner tank is made of stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316L or SUS321) as required by the process. The inner surface is treated with mirror polishing.

2. The jacket shall be made of stainless steel (SUS304) or carbon steel (Q235-B) as required by the process.

3. Suitable diameter to height ratio design, customized mixing device as required;The stirring shaft seal adopts the pressure-resistant sanitary mechanical sealing device to maintain the working pressure in the tank and prevent the material leakage in the tank from causing unnecessary pollution and material loss.

4. The supporting type shall adopt the hanging ear type or the landing leg type according to the operation requirements.500L stir reactive tank Motor power 7.5KW,3# reducer, top bottom sealing head D900mm*5mm,jacket sealing head D1100mm*5mm,inner tank D900mm*5mm*700mm,stir shaft D60mm*1600mm,A3 support ear,D50 stuff sealing ,400mm man hole,open type D900mm flange,convertor transducer speed adjust 0-50 rotary adjust can, screw scraper wall stirring, to touch material sus304 , inside Internal wire-drawing and polishing,, tank inside constant pressure,1000L Stirring tank with scrapMotor power 11kw,4kw reducer, top bottom sealing head D1200mm*6mm,jacket sealing head D1400mm*5mm,inner tank D1400mm*6mm*700mm,stirring shaft D75mm*1700mm,A4 support ear,D65stuff sealing ,500mm manhole close type,convertor adjust speed (0-50rotary can adjust),screw belt wall stirring, touch sus304,inside wire drawing polish ,with controlling cabinet,tank inside common pressure, jacket common pressure .Main products:
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