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Jul 19, 2023

Shop the Winners of Oprah Daily's 2022 Beauty O

Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from

Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

We swiped, dabbed, and lathered thousands of new products throughout the year to find the very best innovations in cosmetics, haircare, and skincare. From new technology to unexpected ingredients and beyond, here are the 56 standouts that Oprah Daily editors couldn't get enough of.

As we considered each of the hundreds and hundreds of Beauty O-wards product submissions we received this year, we asked ourselves: Is this a true breakthrough? Does it solve a problem no other product has, contain a harder- or faster-working ingredient, address the skin tones and hair textures of more of us, or work better than anything else we’ve tried? When our staff said a resounding yes to these questions, the product became part of this year's 56 breakthrough winners. Here, you’ll find a hair mask specifically made to help you transition, a face massager that treats wrinkles, a sunscreen that matches every skin tone, and so much more. Discover them all, below.

Refresh your makeup drawer with fresh foundation formulas, powder crafted to work on all skin tones, and more.

Use the virtual try-on tool on Clinique's website to road test the seven long-wear, shiny siren hues and find one best suited to you.

Translucent powders aren't one-shade-fits-all, so these West African founders created marigold and deep beige options that blend flawlessly.

This tinted wax smooths, pushes up, and then holds brow hairs in place all day.

Bronzers are often either not glowy enough or showgirl glittery. This one is just right. It also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and polymers for a smooth finish.

This formula has eight amino acids (the building blocks of hair) and shea butter, so lashes look fuller and feel softer all day.

Crease-proof and mess-free—use this stick on your under-eye area before applying concealer to cancel discoloration.

Sometimes your nails need a break, and this tinted treatment offers a better-than-naked option. Not only does it give your tips a sheer tint, but its "nail bonding technology" helps rebuild keratin fibers.

Instead of the typical product-absorbing cotton applicator, this wand has a rounded ceramic tip that feels slightly cool as it glides over skin.

These peach, plum, and crimson hues may look daring, but on skin, the tinted balms are sheer. Use a little for a flirty natural flush, or add a bit more for a more dramatic look.

These 12 gel liners deliver transfer-proof pigment and offer so many creative opportunities.

Sunscreen for all! This sheer, nongreasy, easy-to-spread zinc formula comes in 14 shades and is ideal for sensitive skin (its ingredient list is approved by the National Eczema Association).

Skip the gloss and try one of these lip softeners! They offer a pretty wash of color and sheen, without any stickiness. Yes, please!

These waterproof shadows are specifically formulated to show up on deeper skin tones.

Swipe these onto cheeks, lips, or lids—or all of the above—for a monochromatic makeup look.

These primers go the extra mile. Primerizer+ hydrates; Control keeps skin matte; Correct counteracts redness; and Illuminate brightens.

This wow-worthy formula lasts all day and comes in 42 shades.

Don't forget the skin below your chin! These picks guarantee it gets the attention—and ingredients—it deserves.

This nongreasy lotion is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and soaks in fast.

To target the horizontal "necklace" lines we develop from looking down at our screens, this dermatologist-tested cream has a peptide complex that helps to soften them over time.

The below-the-neck version of this iconic exfoliator buffs with pumice, peels with fruit enzymes, and hydrates with honey.

Frankly, there's nothing more convenient than a sunscreen in stick form. This broad-spectrum mineral SPF 50+ is easy to glide on, sweat-resistant, and safe for all (including children).

An updated nozzle aims the weightless mist at your underarms for less of a powdery scent cloud effect—but, most important, the sweat-blocking formula really works.

A true game changer for the time-strapped, this easy-to-use trimmer can get things looking tidy in under a minute—in or out of the shower.

This soap-free, fragrance-free bar cleanses without stripping skin or drying it out. More than that, it ever so gently tackles rough spots and bumpy areas with salicylic acid to leave your skin feeling pleasantly smooth. Nice!

Purchase it for the obsession-worthy vacation-y scent, but stay for the silky feeling the cocoa butter and vitamin B3 formula gives your hands.

Spread the butter all over, rinse, then follow with the cleanser for even more moisture.

New approaches to haircare ensure that your scalp receives the love it needs and your strands score plenty of shine, strength, or hydration.

The ergonomic applicator distributes the follicle-stimulating, leave-in serum into your scalp. Massage for two to three minutes to strengthen strands.

With this shampoo and conditioner duo, you can choose a volumizing, bond-building, smoothing, or daily-use formula, then add a shot of tint to boost your color.

A potent mix of water, mango juice, and aloe blend for the perfect curl-enhancing concoction. Spritz it on dry or damp hair, then scrunch to re-twirl waves and coils.

Mist this hairspray onto dry hair to add grip and impressive oomph thanks to special minerals and starches, which also absorb oil so your style lasts longer.

Think of co-wash as a cleansing conditioner. This one is sulfate-, silicone-, and alcohol-free and includes shea butter, aloe juice, avocado, and black castor seed oil to moisturize curls.

Scalp oil and product residue can build up. And while a deep scrubbing can wash away grime, there's not always time for that. This sulfate-free scalp rinse is the quick fix.

Clarify and soothe an itchy scalp while also making strands shinier and less frizzy by applying this blend of blue ginger, mint, tea tree oil, and aloe from roots to ends.

Packed with hydrating manuka honey, this mask is formulated to strengthen the extra-delicate point where relaxed hair and natural hair meet—making it ideal for those transitioning from a protective style to a wash-’n’-go.

Double cleanse in one satisfying step with this combo of biodegradable castor oil beads and glycolic acid. Just massage it in and rinse after 10 minutes.

A purple-tinted treatment can help prevent blonde or gray hair from getting yellowy—and this leave-on mist is the quickest and least messy option we’ve found.

We were already huge fans of this in-shower treatment that helps repair damage and smooth. This newer natural version is silicone- and sulfate-free and vegan.

For those who like to keep stubborn gray roots covered but have wished for a less-harsh dye option, this formula is free of ammonia and other chemicals that can be hard on hair!

We tested this lightweight mist during an especially muggy week, and its frizz-curbing polymer and lipid blend worked well enough to earn itself a permanent spot in our blowout routine.

Your complexion will be fully cared for with these smartly formulated cleansers, hydrators, and brighteners.

This device has optional attachments—like a red (for wrinkles) and a blue (for acne) LED light, a microcurrent ring, a cleansing ring, a cold metal ring to reduce puffiness, and a warm one that offers a muscle-softening effect.

Less messy than ice cubes, this stainless steel egg-sized barrel helps flush puffy areas. It's also perfect for soothing irritated skin.

This exfoliating milk gives your face a smoother finish thanks to 10 percent lactic acid. Then, ginseng, red algae, probiotics, and ceramides swoop in to protect and hydrate.

After cleansing, smooth on this power potion—made with resveratrol and antioxidant- and collagen-boosting vitamin C—to help soften fine lines over time.

Glide this along fine lines for a subtle smoothing effect that also offers long-term benefits with continued use thanks to hydrators, a hexapeptide, amino acids, and vitamin C.

The iconic, derm-tested formula has undergone a refresh! It feels like the same gentle wash we all loved, but it has new active ingredients (like niacinamide to soothe and glycerin to moisturize).

Those teeny acne stickers are cute, but what if you have a cluster of breakouts? Bring on this pack of five hydrocolloid patches made to fit nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead; they soak up excess oil and clear acne while you sleep.

Collagen-enhancing peptides and key hydrators help address aging-skin concerns caused by menopause, such as dullness, dryness, and more.

This lightweight serum contains idebenone, a powerful synthetic antioxidant, to help protect your most delicate skin from damage. Tap around your eyes, then massage with the cooling tip for a wake-up.

Souped-up with more stress-relieving adaptogens, this relaunched milky water helps make red, irritated skin look and feel calmer right away.

The luxury of massaging this cushiony but quick-to-absorb cream into your skin can't be oversold. But it's not just nice to apply! Hibiscus morning bloom extract encourages collagen production, which helps to firm skin.

No prep needed—truly! Just aim this coconut-scented mist at your face and spritz. A few hours later, you’ll notice a newfound or refreshed golden glow.

This "clean chemical" formula (meaning that it's oxybenzone- and octinoxate-free) blends into all skin tones and offers a top-notch broad-spectrum SPF 70.

This oil comes from an award-winning olive producer in Italy. It uses new biotechnology to create a formula that's potent with antioxidants yet soaks right in.

A splurge for sure, but it's worth it! This night cream is highly concentrated to help restore dry skin and replenish your moisture barrier from within. The result? Skin that feels smoother, looks brighter, and feels firmer over time.

This new dual-sided bottle helps keep retinol—the active ingredient proven to help soften fine lines and brighten skin—at a potent level so you can experience results faster.

Hyaluronic acid is a hydration hero—and you can certainly feel and see its power in this moisturizing serum, which will help make your complexion look pleasantly smoother and plumper over time.

The soufflé-like formula contains Amazonian white clay to absorb sebum, glycolic acid to exfoliate, and a host of purple-hued extracts that offer antioxidant benefits.

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Kate Sandoval Box (she/her) is the Beauty Director at Oprah Daily. She has over 18 years of experience at national women's media brands; and, in fact, started her publishing career at O, The Oprah Magazine. She's also held beauty editor roles at Shape, Self, Latina, and Cosmopolitan. Kate tests hundreds and hundreds of beauty products that cross her desk each year and interviews many top experts, celebrities, and indie brand founders to bring you the best in beauty. Follow her on Instagram.

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Refresh your makeup drawer with fresh foundation formulas, powder crafted to work on all skin tones, and more. Don't forget the skin below your chin! These picks guarantee it gets the attention—and ingredients—it deserves. New approaches to haircare ensure that your scalp receives the love it needs and your strands score plenty of shine, strength, or hydration. Your complexion will be fully cared for with these smartly formulated cleansers, hydrators, and brighteners.