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Jul 25, 2023

New photochemical reactor system

Asynt has introduced the LightSyn Lighthouse, a new photochemical reactor

Asynt has introduced the LightSyn Lighthouse, a new photochemical reactor system in the LightSyn range, developed in response to customer demand for higher reaction yields, ease of use, high operational safety and competitive pricing.

The LightSyn Lighthouse uses new technology to channel light through a quartz rod directly into the reaction medium, maximising power intensity while keeping photon flux even throughout. Using this system, the number of photons lost over distance is significantly reduced in comparison to that of a more typical photoreactor, therefore maximising the light's interaction with the sample. The result is faster chemistry and higher reaction yields.

Designed to be a useful tool for any lab looking to branch out into larger scale benchtop photochemistry, the LightSyn Lighthouse is simple to set up and to use, with built-in safety features that eliminate risk of UV light exposure. Easily adapted to suit different sized tubes/vials, and round bottom flasks, the new product is an effective and versatile system for scaling experiments.

Initially available in single or up to three position configurations, this benchtop photochemical reactor provides heating and agitation via any magnetic hotplate stirrer and is suitable for temperatures from ambient to 80⁰C (or down to -30⁰C with an optional cooling ring – the temperature achieved depends upon the circulator used). In addition to inert atmosphere control there are also integral inlet and outlet ports that allow system customisation for a variety of applications including gas reactions/bubbling, programmed reaction management, sample addition or removal, and potentially flow chemistry set ups using multiple LightSyn Lighthouse units.