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Nov 20, 2023

30 Beauty Products Well Worth Their $20+ Price Tag

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

These splurge-worthy products deserve a space in your bathroom cabinet and makeup bag.

BuzzFeed Staff

Solawave is an LGBTQ-owned small biz based in Los Angeles.

BuzzFeed writer Amanda Davis loves this wand:

"This. gadget. is. worth it! 👏🏾 Using the Solawave was my first time introducing red light therapy into my skincare routine and the difference in my hyperpigmentation is honestly mind blowing. The tone of my face is much more even and the dark circles around my eyes have nearly disappeared. Essentially, it's like a mix of a jade roller (which I already love using anyway) and an LED mask in one...with microcurrent/vibration therapy, too. You can apply the specific Solawave activating serum or any conductive gel of your choice (I use a different one, myself!) and it will really absorb the benefits when used with the wand. I only use it once every other day (at night) and it's super relaxing. My skin is always ✨glowing✨ the next day!"

Get it from Amazon for $77.98+ (available in four colors) or straight from Solawave for $149 (available in two colors).

It's also fragrance-free and cruelty-free!

Promising review: "Older, sensitive skin here; I love this cream. Skin improved quickly. Very helpful for minor sun damage. Goes on smoothly. Absorbs quickly. I dd not experience any flushing or redness, which has been an issue with other products." —TreefrogsGA

Get it from Amazon for $60.

Promising review: "Love SunUV lamps! I’m an at-home user of gel polish and gel extensions. I’ve used separate UV and LED lamps, which is kind of a pain to have to keep switching between the two and not to mention the space they take up. Step in SunUV! My previous lamps were lower wattage so I decided to purchase a big wattage one and I’m glad I did! I love the faster 30-second curing time with Madam Glam polishes and En Vogue color gels, and the minute curing time with En Vogue Sculpting hard gel. I have three young children, so I rarely get any time for myself and when I do I need to do the things I want fast!" —fairlady_c

Get it from Amazon for $32.39.

Promising review: "I think it's safe to say this will always be a repurchase! The smell is absolutely everything and it keeps my body moisturized until my next shower!! Love how smooth it makes my skin feel!" —madelinelloydp

Get it from Amazon and Sephora for $22+ (available in three sizes).

Promising review: "I am SUPER STOKED with this blow-dry spray. My hair dresser has been using this on me for years, and I finally purchased it. I wish I hadn't waited so long. It cuts my blow-dry time down by at least 40%. My hair is much smoother and healthier since I have been using. I like that it protects my hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and my flat iron. I would highly recommend!" —Roxy

Get it from Amazon for $26.49.

Here, "touchless" means you can apply and reapply this ultra fine mist without having to touch your face!

Habit is a woman-owned small biz created by Tai Adaya, who is half Mexican and half Indian/Pakistani. The brand is dedicated to fighting stigma of aging and focusing instead on keeping skin healthy.

Promising review: "This is such a versatile product! And the cucumber scent is mild. The product absorbs quickly and is a super easy way to re-apply SPF." —Nizvet R.

Get it from Habit for $27 or Sephora for $30.

It's cruelty-free!

Promising review: "This little product is a game changer. It is the silkiest balm, of any kind, that I've ever used. It absorbs completely. In the morning, my skin is so silky soft. I've only been using it for about a week, so I'm interested to see what the long-term results will be. Love the product and the company!!" —Hilary M

Get it from Ren Skincare for $55.

Promising review: "I love all the R+Co products I've tried in the past but this one is by far my favorite. I have ultra wavy/frizzy color-treated hair, and I swim. Managing it is usually a bear, but with this balm I can easily air-dry after the pool without looking electrocuted. It smells nice, isn't at all heavy or sticky, and my normally dry hair gets softer the longer I wear it. The only con is it is a bit pricey for someone like me who applies more often, but honestly considering the pile of failed balms I have in the closet, it's worth every penny to have a product I actually use to the last drop." —JGwiz

Get it from Amazon for $34.

Promising review: "I needed storage for my vanity area, so I purchased this product. It is so much larger than what I expected. I have plenty of space for all of my products and still have room in the drawers. It's very sturdy and has held up nicely so far." —Rose

Get it from Amazon for $45.99.

Promising review: "I have VERY sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin, so trying new products is a real gamble for me. Because of my skin type, I was worried the exfoliating scrub aspect would be too harsh for me, but I can use this every other day and have no issues. The exfoliation is so gentle, which is hard to find. I love the smell and look forward to using this cleanser because it makes my face feel so good. Like I mentioned, at the moment, I have acne-prone skin due to some hormonal imbalances. As a result, I am suffering from cystic acne around my lower cheeks and jawline area. This cleanser has helped my acne so much. It brings the cystic bumps that usually stay deep under the skin to the surface, which helps relive the pain and heal the spots so much quicker. I love this cleanser and will buy it forever! Do yourself a favor and just buy it already." —Katelynn

Get it from Amazon for $24.90.

Promising review: "This is the only eyebrow pencil I use. My eyebrows are sparse in places, and the fine point on this product is perfect. It doesn't look fake at all. You can apply it in tiny short strokes and then use the brush on the other end to blend, and the results are amazing! I've used it for several years now and wouldn't think of using anything else. I just wish I had found this in the first place because it would've saved me a lot of grief and a lot of wasted money." —A shopper

Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in 12 shades).

Plus it's cruelty- and gluten-free!

Briogeo is a Black woman-founded beauty brand offering a high-performance haircare collection that is naturally based and performance-driven to provide visible results for all hair types.

Promising review: "This is 100% worth the price. Even with thick hair, I can get several uses out of the mini. This mask feels like a good reset for my hair anytime it's feeling dry or dull. This always makes my hair soft and shiny." —mfanm

Get it from Amazon for $39 and Sephora for $39+.

Promising review: "I love that I can go around town and people ask who did my hair and I can share that this look comes from a shampoo bottle. I have naturally blonde hair now and it looks amazing. I love this product because when I get my hair done, it turns brassy yellow. But now I can get and keep the results I want without drying my hair out. Definitely worth the money! Remember though, once purple turns lavender, rinse! Unless you want purple streaks! —Sommer Peel

Get it from Amazon for $40 (available in bigger sizes).

Promising review: "I always saw the ads for their foundation and had to try it out for myself. I am so glad I did!! The shade match is mind blowing. It offers an amazing finish. Literally feels like a second skin. I am in love with this product." —Jyotika T

Get it from Il Makiage for $45 (available in 50 shades).

Act+Acre is a woman-owned small hair-wellness business dedicated to making sure you have healthy and clean hair. And because sustainability is important to them, their plant-based products use 90% less energy to be created.

Promising review: "I have quite fine bleached blonde hair and I normally find that dry shampoo weighs my hair down and leaves it looking pretty stiff. However, this dry shampoo is COMPLETELY different; it's so light and absorbs in so quickly and actually left my hair looking more voluminous. I'm 100% converted!" —Gav

Get it from Act+Acre or Amazon for $26.

Prados Beauty is an Arizona-based, Chicana/Indigenous-founded beauty company dedicated to creating inclusive and uplifting products. In addition to donating a portion of their proceeds to Native communities in need, they also do charitable work in these communities and support other Native entrepreneurs on our website and social channels.

Get it from Prados Beauty for $50.

This comes with 44 strips, which amounts to 20 treatments plus two express treatments!

Promising review: "Highly recommended!!!! I am stunned by the results of this product!! I really wanted to whiten my teeth, but professional treatments are so expensive. I decided to go ahead and give this a try. I used exactly as directed every day for the full 20 days, and my husband kept telling me how white my teeth were getting. It's hard to tell when you look in the mirror every day, but I knew there was improvement. Then I looked at the before and after photos and I was amazed." —beaufam

Get it from Amazon for $45.99.

Promising review: "I swatched Iced Out just to see and laugh about how white it was...BABY. When I tell you that it's the shade that I have been looking for for YEARS: gold highlighter without that weird, HEAVY, off-white yellow cast underneath. Beautiful!! If you feel that it gives you a slight white cast, just apply a little bit of setting spray. It will disappear and the gold, shiny shade will stay. The base is very sheer. Not chunky at all. A Black girl's dream!" —Nenepink

Get it from Sephora for $34.

Promising review: "OK, the packaging and product itself is — no duh — stunning, so I was slightly worried that my thoughts on this would be swayed simply from how freakin' gorgeous it looks. Thank god I was wrong! I was immediately impressed *just* from the smell, which I got to pick out when I was building my profile. I have a dry scalp (booooo) but I have yet to endure a flaky breakout since I started using this. Plus, I can go days, DAYS PEOPLE, without needing to wash my hair. I don't get how, or why, or how but this shampoo and conditioner have done wonders for my hair. And a lovely bonus: it's toxin-, paraben-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free." —Kayla Suazo

Get a shampoo and conditioner set from Function of Beauty for $29+ (available in two sizes).

BuzzFeed writer Kayla Boyd waxes poetic about the Killawatt Highlighter in shade Trophy Wife:

"I can honestly say the Killawatt highlighter has become a staple in my beauty collection. I frequently rock Trophy Wife as not only a blinding highlight, but also a shimmery eyeshadow."

Promising review: "Gorgeous highlighting color duo with staying power. It blends like a dream and is seamless as an eyeshadow as well. No creasing!" —*GINA

Get it from Fenty Beauty or Sephora for $40 (available in seven shades).

Promising review: "This gadget is amazing. It does not take up any space, easy to use, and easy to clean. When you are done steaming your face, it feels incredible. Your pores are opened up and your skin feels soft and clean; it's ready for what products you like to use. It has made a huge difference in my skin in just the few times that I have used it so far." —missusms

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in five colors).

Promising review: "I've never had a wand successfully work until this one. I recently got the cool girl haircut (medium lob), and this wand was an essential!! It smooths my hair as well. No frizz and lasting waves!! Very happy customer!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $28.98.

Promising review: "This is my second Beauty Bakerie palette and I am just as happy with this one as my first. If you're on the fence, I suggest that you get it. Great quality, pigmented, and blendable." —BrownGirl

Get it from Beauty Bakerie on Ulta for $38.

Promising review: "This product was very easy to use and my hair actually curled! My hair is naturally very straight and fine, and I am allergic to most hair products so I try and avoid using any. I ran a wet hair brush through my hair to dampen, rolled each hair strand around two of the vertical strips, rolled up, and used the provided hair ties to tie each strand up. The next morning I ran my fingers through my hair and I was done! It is fast, easy, and the final result exceeded my expectations." —Verona B.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in six styles).

Promising review: "I was very hesitant about spending so much on a lipstick, but I am totally in love with it! it has a very nice tint that last soooo many hours. It looks very natural and doesn't dry my lips at all! Most lipsticks dry my lips so badly, but not this one! I also use a tiny bit on my cheeks! I recommend this product 100%! Ohhhh, and the smell! OH THAT DELICIOUS SMELL!!!! :)" —Phoenix_Bird

Get it from Amazon for $32 (available in three colors).

Promising review: "This stuff applies on smooth, doesn't smudge, and I'm almost nailing a wingtip. I really like this product. I'll buy it again...and again...and again. It's that good. The main tip is great, and if you have to touch up the lines or ends a little, the micro tip is perfect. It also wipes off easily with regular makeup wipes. My sensitive eyes had no reaction. Try it out!" —Quesadilla Mom

Get it from Amazon for $32 (available in 13 colors).

Cofounded by two sisters, Blume is a BIPOC woman-owned skincare company creating natural products to help promote healthy skin for people who experience periods.

Promising review: "This product is solid gold!!! Way better than I could have imagined. Started cleaning my skin up after the first use." —Julie H

Get it from Blume for $28 or from Amazon for $27.95.

EM Cosmetics is an Asian woman-owned beauty brand started by YouTuber Michelle Phan creating products to help you express yourself.

Promising review: "First off, the color is gorgeous! I like how easy it is to apply and how nicely it blends. It's very versatile. I use it for my eyes too. I just love it. It's lightweight and it gives you a dewy glow. Highly recommend." —Anastasia

Get it from EM Cosmetics for $28.

Glamlite Cosmetics is a Latinx woman-owned company from LA that makes gorgeous and playful beauty products inspired by tasty treats.

Promising review: "This palette is literally the most gorgeous palette I have ever seen. The shimmers are so buttery soft and the pigmentation is off the hook. Definitely recommend." —Jennifer Collins

Get it from Glamlite Cosmetics for $22 (originally $45).

Promising review: "I work 12-hour shifts in the ER, and I cannot believe how well this product works. I wear a mask the entire shift with face foundation on, and there is hardly any makeup transfer onto my mask. I have VERY oily skin PLUS I'm running around all night sweating. This stuff works better than any product I've tried in the past. It doesn't feel sticky, dry, or shiny. I wear matte foundation and have acne, and this product does not alter the makeup coverage or texture. I love it!!!! I will continue to buy this product." —Meg Van

Get it from Amazon for $22.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

The tone of my face is much more even and the dark circles around my eyes have nearly disappeared. Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review I wish I hadn't waited so long. It cuts my blow-dry time down by at least 40%. Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: I can use this every other day and have no issues. The exfoliation is so gentle, which is hard to find Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review it's so light and absorbs in so quickly and actually left my hair looking more voluminous. Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: Promising review: very easy to use It is fast, easy, and the final result exceeded my expectations. Promising review: Promising review: Promising review Promising review: Promising review: Promising review